Publication charges

We would like to inform you that from June 28, 2023, a publication fee of PLN 2000 / 450 EUR will be introduced by the publisher of “Pediatria i Medycyna Rodzinna – „Paediatrics and Family Medicine” for papers submitted to the Editorial team.

This means that all papers accepted for printing will be published only after the above mentioned fee is paid. Please note that articles published in “Paediatrics and Family Medicine” have been included in international databases, such as Scopus or Web of Science, for many years, increasing the visibility of your research findings. Until now, it was the publisher who was responsible for the entire cost of language processing. However, authors’ contribution has now become necessary due to the increasing financial burden.

Please be advised that in the event of the Author’s subsequent resignation from publication, the fee paid will not be returned.

Payments should be made on receipt of information that an article has been accepted for publication. The invoice will be issued after the payment has been credited to the publisher’s account.

The title of the transfer should include the reference number of the manuscript. An example: PIMR-00001-2023-01, John Smith.

Payments should be made to the following account:

Medical Communications Sp. z o.o., Powsińska 34, 02-903 Warsaw, Poland

IBAN: 15 1910 1048 2215 9954 5473 0002


Bank: Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Transfer title: reference number of the manuscript, the name of the correspondence author [an exemple: PIMR-00001-2023-01, John Smith]

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