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Suspicion of the battered child’s syndrome – a paediatrician’s nightmare?

Magdalena Czerżyńska1, Zuzanna Judyta Tyrakowska2, Patrycja Zalewska-Kurza3, Anna Wiśniewska4

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Pediatr Med Rodz 2015, 11 (4), p. 431–438
DOI: 10.15557/PiMR.2015.0042

Child abuse may occur across all cultural, social and ethnic groups. Children may be abused by adults, adolescents, their own peers, and institutional workers alike. Whenever a suspicion arises concerning violence or other kind of abuse being possibly inflicted on a child, immediate thorough medical investigation is absolutely essential, and the child’s behaviour, appearance and development evaluated. Multispecialist diagnostics may be necessary, including the available imaging modalities. Abuse symptoms include abnormal patterns of child’s and parents’ behaviour, explanations concerning the injuries that are inconsistent with the actual clinical picture, delay in seeking medical attention, parents ignoring or downplaying the child’s injuries, seemingly strained relations between parents and the child. Parental attitudes that may be indicative of child abuse tend to be a result of alcohol dependence, drug addiction, or a deviation. At times, aggression or particular strictness towards the child may be observed. Whenever sexual or physical abuse is suspected, the child should immediately be referred to a hospital for further observation and accessory investigations. Relevant institutions should also be contacted and collaborated with. Child abuse seems to be on the rise, with more cases each year. Simultaneously, various social measures are undertaken aimed at ensuring assistance to the victims, and counteracting violence and abuse. It should be remembered that the treating doctor is obliged to report a suspicion of abuse taking place to the relevant authorities immediately upon taking its suspicion.

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battered child syndrome, general practitioner/family doctor, diagnostics

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